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LiveMusic is something invented by human being for fun and whoever speaks about discomfort had probably attended the badly organized concert. Don’t panic and make sure you are going for the good one.

If the live performance takes place in the closed space there is never more people allowed in there than the capacity of the room. It’s easy to regulate that buy the amount of ticked sold and strong bouncers on the door.

Usually there is enough space to dance or jump to the LiveMusic, so you don’t need to worry that you won’t be able to find some space for yourself. If you don’t won’t to find yourself in the jumping crowd don’t go anywhere near the scene or buy the seat to enjoy the LiveMusic in peace.

If you can’t hold your energy that’s the best place to release all your power, shout and scream, dance and jump and do exactly what you want.

If you are not a teenager any more, that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying the LiveMusic. Make no mistake about that: live gigs are not only for young people, so there are always some places prepared especially for those who crossed their twenties long time ago.


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